traveling with a cat

Treadwell’s Travels: A Flat Tire, a Cat, and White Castle Burgers

On a recent road trip returning to Illinois from Florida, I made an unexpected stop in Florence, KY at TireDiscounters. While driving north on Highway 75, I hit a pothole that tore a hole in my tire, causing an immediate flat. While thankful for a Fabulous car that allowed me to remain in control so I could navigate to the shoulder, and having roadside assistance to change the tire even with the hour wait, I was concerned since I was traveling with my cat Halston. When roadside help arrived, they asked if I had a ‘donut’ or full size tire? Since the car was new, and since I’ve never changed a tire in my life (they’re people for that), upon opening the trunk, I learned my car had a full size spare, so I (assumed) that I could continue my trip with no additional delays. After road-side assistance installed the spare tire on the car, he informed me that the spare tire had a ‘bubble’ and that he would not recommend driving too far without the purchase of a new tire.

Here I sat, on the side of the interstate, with my cat Halston in the car, now needing a new tire. Google to the rescue! I was able to locate a tire store about 15 miles away and so I called to check if they had a tire that would fit. “No”, was the answer, although they did say they would call the next tire store north on Interstate 75, to see if they had a tire that would fit my car. Success! That store had the exact same tire. Off we went, to what I *thought* was the correct destination, about 30 miles away, programed into navigation. Finding the store, I discovered they did not have the tire I needed. I asked the gentleman at that particular TireDiscounters location (second location) what he recommended? Though they did have tires that would fit my vehicle, they were not exactly the same. After making some phone calls, he found that the location of yet another TireDiscounters – one exit away, had the exact match to the tires that are on my car.

Off I go to the third location to learn that not only did they have the tire I needed to matches the others, they had no problem with me bringing Halston, my cat, into their lobby for the 2 hour wait. Halston is the perfect traveling cat and relished in the attention he received during our wait. The staff could not have been nicer, commenting on how well mannered Halston was, and welcoming him back at any time. After 2 hours, (4) White Castle Hamburgers (White Castle was conveniently located across the street) and a bottle of water later, we were on our way, safely home.

All three experiences with TireDiscounters during a short time were exceptional, and for that I am appreciative, especially being nice to Halston. He survived, and so did Yours Truly.