Treadwell’s Travels – Destination Vero Beach – Tea and Chi

Tea and Chi, Vero Beach Florida


After a walk on the beach, I wanted lunch so we headed for Tea and Chi, in downtown Vero Beach Florida.  Tea and Chi  just a short drive from the beach to it’s 14th Street location, and well worth the drive. I truly enjoy tea more than coffee which is why I start my morning with hot tea, rather than the traditional java. Tea and Chi is the most eclectic shop I have visited in a long time. To focus on a single item can be a challenge, as there are many items to capture your attention like a twinkling star in the night sky. The limited menu is hand written on a board above the check out stand. Soups and sandwiches predominate with sprinklings of other offerings. I selected one of the soups, split pea and ham with a humus pita. To drink I asked for an iced tea.

My traditional black tea, freshly brewed arrived in about 5 minuets and was Fabulous. The soup and sandwich arrived shortly there after. The soup was Fabulous, thick and rich, seasoned to perfection. The humus pita, a sandwich I had not experienced previously, was also Fabulous. The humus was creamy and flavorful and generously sprinkled with veggies giving the crunch as well as the mouth feel of the rich humus. I would return on any day when offerings include these Fabulous delights. About half way thru my lunch one of the owners walked in the door and without hesitation said “Good to see you! Welcome back!” Now that’s how you build a business, Fabulous products and a Fabulous memory, especially since I had not been back to Vero Beach and Tea and Chi, for nearly 2 years.

Wanting a bite of something sweet, I selected the baclava and a pecan delight, both decadent and Fabulous. The perfect ending to a perfect lunch. My only disappointment was they were no longer offering the best scones on the planet and the best scone mix on the planet. The owner said she was no longer able to get the only flour she uses for both and would not compromise her standard of perfection.

Prior to departure I could not resist purchasing pounds of the loose tea to take home for a taste of Tea and Chi during my morning ritual. Another must visit when I return to Vero Beach.