Treadwell’s Travels – Destination: Sammy’s, Vero Beach

Sammy’s Mediterranean Cafe, Vero Beach Florida


Running errands and approaching lunch time, the decision of where to go that I had not been before? I remembered that a friend mentioned Sammy’s. I confessed that I’d never heard of it?

Walking into Sammy’s Mediterranean Cafe, the first impression is basic and efficient in appearance. When the server came to the table, it was immediately confirmed the staff was also efficient. The server was nice, polite, young, and apparently unexperienced. She did keep the water and iced tea glasses full and the table clear. Efficiency in motion, although she had not yet developed a strong personality which can be helpful in the service industry. Starting with Kalamata Olive Humus and Grilled Eggplant, both were Fabulous choices. Both were presented more like a white table cloth restaurant, in a simple, non-pretentious, very casual cafe.

The true test for Fabulous is flavor, and neither disappointed. The humus rich and creamy, drizzled with tasty olive oil and accompanied with pita for dipping. The grilled eggplant slices topped with sliced tomatoes were crisp and flavorful. Both are appetizers that I would definitely order again.



For my main course, I selected a dish described perfectly and one I had tried previously, so it was an easy decision. My dish was Lentils Over Brown Rice topped with grilled onions. Fabulous perfection on a plate! The onions had been cooked to cartelized (dried) perfection, and topping the lentils that were still firm, yet completely cooked sitting on top of the fluffy brown rice. The seasoning was spot on, making this dish a must have upon my return to Vero Beach. The most unexpected pleasant surprise so far on my visit is Sammy’s. Do not expect tablecloths. Although the light fixtures are Fabulous, they need to decide what color bulbs to use, cool or warm, since they distracted from the beautiful and unexpected lighting in this otherwise plain decor.  In short, Sammy’s is plain, simple service, yet Fabulous Food.

Sammy’s Mediterranean Cafe – 1130 20th Pl, Vero Beach, FL 32960 /  (772) 217-3897