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Treadwell’s Travels – Harry And Eddies, A Second Serving, Lacking Service

As you read in my earlier blog about Harry And Eddie’s, in Hinsdale, Illinois, on my first visit a couple months back, the food was Fabulous, yet the service missed the mark completely. Sadly, the second visit was very similar.

On my second visit to Harry and Eddie’s, I wanted to create a similar situation for fair comparison, so I choose to go at the same time and sit in the same seat as before. The bartender from the previous visit was apparently not there, so I was greeted by a bartender mentioned during my first visit. (She) greeted me with “Welcome Back!” which instantly led me to believe that this visit was going to be different and with much better service than  the first experience. Unfortunately, this was not the case. While she crafted my cocktail, I selected appetizers not tried previously. Pei Mussels was my first selection and I was not disappointed. Fresh and plump sitting in a minimal broth that was flavored with cilantro and pieces of pork belly, the entire bowl topped with fries that were crisp and flavorful.

Some crusty bread to soak up the remainder of the broth would have been Fabulous, but unfortunately the bartender was no where to be found. Later when she returned, the bowl of leftover broth was cleared without an offer for more bread. The next item was a a bowl of Tomato Basil, and a bowl of French Onion soup (I like my soups). The Tomato Basil was good, although needed more seasoning to be rated as Fabulous. The consistency of the tomato was perfect, not to thick, not to creamy. I asked for freshly ground black pepper (why wasn’t if offered in the beginning?) hoping to spice up the Tomato Basil soup, it helped, although it continued to lack the balance of flavor.


The French Onion Soup – which was served classically served with a thick mound of melted cheese, slightly charred, was Fabulous from beginning to end. Everything was as expected from this classic soup, both in appearance with flavor, that was beyond Fabulous. The Onion Soup had the flavor of being been slow-cooked for hours, in house, by a chef who strived for excellence. It was Fabulous.

When I I asked about desserts the bartender presented the selections. I choose (2) separate desserts, Peanut Butter Pie, and Strawberry Shortcake.  The first dessert – the Peanut Butter Pie was whimsically presented in an old fashion, bell-top jar. The serving was small in size although enjoyed immensely. All of the traditional elements in the traditional presentation, yet served deconstructed.

The second dessert was Strawberry Shortcake With Burrata for topping, in place of the traditional whipped cream. If you’ve read my previous blogs, you already know my love of cheese for dessert, so the combination of berries and Burrata was delicious. In addition to being a cheese lover, real whipped cream gets my attention faster than one can say Fabulous. Whenever I order any dessert, regardless of the venue and regardless of the menu, I always request the server to add extra whipped cream, especially to something such as strawberry shortcake. My request is always the same – “I LOVE Whipped Cream, so make me look for it.” I don’t mind paying more for what I want, just give me what I want when requested. In most cases, servers are always eager to comply (think larger tip).

The bartender/server had confirmed that she would ask the chef to add plenty of whipped cream to the Shortcake. Unfortunately as beautifully as it was presented, the dessert came with little to no whipped cream at all. There may have been a slight amount added, but due to the deconstruction of the Burrata, the whipped cream must have dissipated, or disappeared. Again, searching for my server to ask why there was no extra whipped cream on my dessert, soon had become more trouble than my time was worth. Nearing the end of the dessert, the bartender came over and asked “How’d you like the whipped cream?” (?!?) “It was made in house”.  Apparently she never realized the additional whipped cream had never been added, even when she sat the dish in front of me?

The food at Harry And Eddie’s is both creative and delicious. However after two visits, you may have to settle for service that’s far from Fabulous.  When dining out, as with everything else in life, people remember the experience and how you made them feel, long after the memory of the food.


Treadwell’s Fabulous Find

June is Gay Pride month. I am thankful, and forever grateful to those who stood up to oppression June 28, 1969 at the Stonewall Inn, in New York City.

The rainbow has become a silent symbol of the gay pride movement and a way for us to proudly wear our true colors.

Burberry, did a runway show for The Trevor Project and although there were several items from this collection that I would enjoy owning, there was one item in particular, that I knew was a must have. I like the plaid – which is Burberry’s Trademark and namesake, and of course I like the colors and message of the rainbow. Burberry’s combination of these two iconic symbols, is Fabulous.

Of their recent Rainbow Collection, my most favorite are the shoes. The sneakers are the familiar Burberry plaid, perfectly matched, creating a perfect, comfortable, shoe. As if perfection of plaid matching and comfort was not enough, a rainbow adorned these must-have sneakers.

The rainbow paired with Burberry’s iconic plaid is subtle, and it may take a second look, before realizing the rainbow adorns these Fabulous sneakers. I have received many compliments on them – with the ‘foot note’ of “Oh I just noticed the rainbow”. These sneakers are not only comfortable, they have become one of my favorite pair of shoes (and I own many pairs). I have great respect for a company like Burberry that has the strength to do a runway presentation for The Trevor Project. In addition, they labeled their signature plaid with the rainbow, proudly honoring those that have proceeded me in the struggle for human rights both in memory and in present time.

In this month of Pride and for the continuing fight for LGBTQ Equality, stand up for what you are proud of and display your symbol of strength to help those that will follow. Not just for Pride Month, but for all other days as well.

Treadwell’s Travels: A Flat Tire, a Cat, and White Castle Burgers

On a recent road trip returning to Illinois from Florida, I made an unexpected stop in Florence, KY at TireDiscounters. While driving north on Highway 75, I hit a pothole that tore a hole in my tire, causing an immediate flat. While thankful for a Fabulous car that allowed me to remain in control so I could navigate to the shoulder, and having roadside assistance to change the tire even with the hour wait, I was concerned since I was traveling with my cat Halston. When roadside help arrived, they asked if I had a ‘donut’ or full size tire? Since the car was new, and since I’ve never changed a tire in my life (they’re people for that), upon opening the trunk, I learned my car had a full size spare, so I (assumed) that I could continue my trip with no additional delays. After road-side assistance installed the spare tire on the car, he informed me that the spare tire had a ‘bubble’ and that he would not recommend driving too far without the purchase of a new tire.

Here I sat, on the side of the interstate, with my cat Halston in the car, now needing a new tire. Google to the rescue! I was able to locate a tire store about 15 miles away and so I called to check if they had a tire that would fit. “No”, was the answer, although they did say they would call the next tire store north on Interstate 75, to see if they had a tire that would fit my car. Success! That store had the exact same tire. Off we went, to what I *thought* was the correct destination, about 30 miles away, programed into navigation. Finding the store, I discovered they did not have the tire I needed. I asked the gentleman at that particular TireDiscounters location (second location) what he recommended? Though they did have tires that would fit my vehicle, they were not exactly the same. After making some phone calls, he found that the location of yet another TireDiscounters – one exit away, had the exact match to the tires that are on my car.

Off I go to the third location to learn that not only did they have the tire I needed to matches the others, they had no problem with me bringing Halston, my cat, into their lobby for the 2 hour wait. Halston is the perfect traveling cat and relished in the attention he received during our wait. The staff could not have been nicer, commenting on how well mannered Halston was, and welcoming him back at any time. After 2 hours, (4) White Castle Hamburgers (White Castle was conveniently located across the street) and a bottle of water later, we were on our way, safely home.

All three experiences with TireDiscounters during a short time were exceptional, and for that I am appreciative, especially being nice to Halston. He survived, and so did Yours Truly.

Treadwell’s Timepiece Trilogy Pt 2: Avon Strikes Back



The  watch on the far left is one that I purchased from Avon and inexpensive but business.

The second watch is a Fabulous take off a Tag. White and yellow metal make it versatile with whatever other jewelry I am wearing.

The third watch I do not remember where I purchased although still like the classic styling combination of a tank watch with a Rolex type bracket in black rubber.
The lower right is another inexpensive Avon watch with classic styling and a little bling.

The lower left is one of my favorites. A Swatch watch I purchased in the Swatch store in Time Square. It is a limited addition artist rendition featuring lots of color and print. A fun timepiece that bring a smile to my face every time I put it on and the occasional compliment when it peaks out of my sleeve. I have had a couple of incidents where the buckle on the brand broke however I was able to simply call Swatch customer service and have that piece replaced at no charge!

Treadwell’s Timepiece Trilogy



Got the time? I’m sure I do! With the many Fabulous watches I have I am sure I can tell the time and still be color coordinated and fashionable! Stay tuned for an epic three part blog entitled “Treadwell’s Timepiece Trilogy” featuring the watches you see above with a brief history on each and what they mean to me.

Limited Louie



Texas born Robert “Bob” Wilson went psychedelic in 2002 when he conjured a series of Christmas windows for Louis Vuitton in a variety of bright, vivid colors. This inspired a collection of limited edition Louis Vuitton leather goods. These bags display the modified shape of the monogram. Wilson has been the only person authorized to modify the monogram.

Colors, Fabulous Colors!



Fabulous Color influences attitude, emotions, and the way we think

Entering the room, those seeing you register the color you are wearing before any other detail. Our eyes perceive the language of mood, energy and insight. Color exerts gentle effects on mind, body, physical health, and influences our attitude. We unconsciously respond to the color we wear based on the body’s natural reaction to color and the psychological associations we form around them. The color you wear goes beyond aesthetics.

Colors we encounter make us feel happy or sad, invigorate or even drain vitality and while influencing work habits. Even in history color has meaning. In China, blue is associated with immortality, while people in the Middle East view blue as a color of protection.

Red excites us and inflames our passion although too much can make us feel overstimulated and irritated. Pink makes one feel loved and protected and can cause feelings of lethargy.

Yellow is joy and optimism while energizing and helping us think more clearly. Bright orange  (my favorite color) reduces depression and sadness. Blue and green create peaceful feelings allowing us to concentrate better. This is the reason blue and green is used for paint in our environment, although darker tones make us feel serious and introspective. 

There are ways to integrate color into your life that go beyond decor and wardrobe. Meditate with color by concentrating on colors that make you feel peaceful.

Choose to surround yourself with colors that you are attracted to and make your feel Fabulous and create an environment that makes you feel nurtured, peaceful, uplifted, and Fabulous.

Let me help you with your colors


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A Fabulous You for 2014

     Do not make me walk up to you and ask if you dressed in the dark. With so many full length mirrors available, it continues to surprise me when I see people dressing with complete abandon, at least abandoning taste. Resolve for 2014 you will pay attention to what you wear and how you wear your selection. Clean and pressed cost very little. Hem your pants if they are too long and also take them in if they are too big and let them out if they are too small, or better yet, go on a diet. You can never be too rich or too thin.

     Never go wrong with black and let your jewelry be your individuality. If the jewelry is real, it can never be too big. Good costume jewelry worn with Fabulous flair can help you make the statement entrance you desire. Just do not overdo the costume babbles. Remember what Marilyn Monroe would do before leaving. Marilyn would look in a full length mirror and do a 360 turn and whatever her eye landed on she would remove. Marilyn did not want anything to distract from Marilyn and the image.

Do not forget a Fabulous fragrance and be sure to use enough for others to know you are wearing a Fabulous fragrance. Remember what Coco Chanel said, let your fragrance announce your arrival and delay your departure.

     Have you worn a hat lately??? Try a Fabulous hat in a style that you would not first choose and see if you like the reflection in the mirror. A hat can say confidence and style and also be useful in the cooler months and provide shade in the warmer months. Your hat could be the one piece you wear that says Fabulous. Maybe a bright red fedora or a yellow floppy brim that says you have arrived.

     How do your shoes look??? When is the last time you polished them or took them to the cobbler??? Just because you purchased them does not mean the end of the obligation. Take care of your shoes and they will help take care of your style. Shoes should be polished and without worn soles or heals. Nothing says sloppy like shoes that look like you took them from a homeless person.

     What does your skin look like??? Do you take care of you skin so you can look your best??? Exfoliation is the most important thing you do for your skin. Everything you put on your skin after exfoliation will absorb better and be more effective. Manual exfoliation is controllable by you and simple home items can create the best experience. Salt and/or sugar along with olive oil can not only exfoliate you skin; it can add to the softness with the olive oil. Do not forget your elbows and heals. Nothing worse than a Fabulous pair of shoes with an open back and crusty heels.

     Are you keeping up with your Botox??? 3 months is all it is supposed to last, so do not be surprised and spend the money on this basic. Botox is a gateway drug for the Fabulous stuff, dermal fillers. Are you tired of constantly paying for your dermal fillers??? I know I was. I got credit card fatigue and needle fatigue. I did my research and found a Fabulous filler call ArteFill and now enjoy the longevity of the filler that I never had with the temporary filler I once used. Now I do not have to chase my cheeks all over town. Now that I use ArteFill my cheeks have stayed in place for years. Fabulous and natural what a combination. For me a liquid facelift using ArteFill gave me the freedom to look Fabulous without scares. The procedure was simple, with no bruising or swelling. Let me know if you have any questions ???

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