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Handy Tips That Are Fabulous

Checking into Facebook and perusing the latest entries I came across an entry with a picture that brought to mind how the hands give our age away. The person had taken off their fake nails for a more natural approach. I give applause to a natural nail as I believe fake nails are destructive to the natural nail. What spoke louder than the nail was the hand. This is a person that takes exceptional care of her skin and dresses to impress although her hands say nursing home old. Although they appeared to have no hyper pigmentation because of her exceptional care of her hands. Her face appears to be more youthful than her years. It is sad to see a lady who takes such Fabulous care of her appearance and ignore the need of dermal fillers in her hands.


     Many women have taken such Fabulous care of their faces with dermal filler and have the appearance of years younger than their birthdate. I see it when out to eat. A Fabulous woman dressed to impress, jeweled to sparkle, coifed like a tiara, and shoes that are designed to sit, will pick up their wine glass and remind me of Spider Woman. Two claw clutching a Riedel filled with Silverado 07 and there is no question the nearing of retirement. She has placed all of her revenue in her face with neglect below the neck.


     2014 can be the year for your hands. A Fabulous manicure is a basic beginning and nurturing of the nail and cuticle with something as simple as olive oil to keep supple. Address the hyper pigmentation with daily applications of products to eliminate the production of melanin. Also consider many of the procedures for hyper pigmentation available like laser, IPL, microdermabrasion, chemical peel and prescription cremes. Please do not forget to use sunscreen Every Day applying multiple times daily. With correction of hyper pigmentation and eliminating the daily use of sunscreen, the hyper pigmentation will return with a flurry.


     Do not overlook the loss of volume. As we age we start to slow the production of collagen about 1% annually after the age of 25. This collagen loss along with fat redistribution and loss coupled with bone loss produces a hand that has the appearance of excess skin. The skin has not gotten larger; the structure below has decreased volume. The volume loss is a simple procedure to replace with dermal fillers. Most dermal fillers are used by many injectors to correct this deficit. For me, after doing most of the dermal fillers in my hand and having to repeat every 6 months to maintain a youthful hand, I had needle fatigue as well as credit card fatigue. I choose to transition to ArteFill so I could achieve correction and take my hands off my to do list while maintaining corrections.


     Let me know if you have any question about this issue or anything on your mind.

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A Fabulous You for 2014

     Do not make me walk up to you and ask if you dressed in the dark. With so many full length mirrors available, it continues to surprise me when I see people dressing with complete abandon, at least abandoning taste. Resolve for 2014 you will pay attention to what you wear and how you wear your selection. Clean and pressed cost very little. Hem your pants if they are too long and also take them in if they are too big and let them out if they are too small, or better yet, go on a diet. You can never be too rich or too thin.

     Never go wrong with black and let your jewelry be your individuality. If the jewelry is real, it can never be too big. Good costume jewelry worn with Fabulous flair can help you make the statement entrance you desire. Just do not overdo the costume babbles. Remember what Marilyn Monroe would do before leaving. Marilyn would look in a full length mirror and do a 360 turn and whatever her eye landed on she would remove. Marilyn did not want anything to distract from Marilyn and the image.

Do not forget a Fabulous fragrance and be sure to use enough for others to know you are wearing a Fabulous fragrance. Remember what Coco Chanel said, let your fragrance announce your arrival and delay your departure.

     Have you worn a hat lately??? Try a Fabulous hat in a style that you would not first choose and see if you like the reflection in the mirror. A hat can say confidence and style and also be useful in the cooler months and provide shade in the warmer months. Your hat could be the one piece you wear that says Fabulous. Maybe a bright red fedora or a yellow floppy brim that says you have arrived.

     How do your shoes look??? When is the last time you polished them or took them to the cobbler??? Just because you purchased them does not mean the end of the obligation. Take care of your shoes and they will help take care of your style. Shoes should be polished and without worn soles or heals. Nothing says sloppy like shoes that look like you took them from a homeless person.

     What does your skin look like??? Do you take care of you skin so you can look your best??? Exfoliation is the most important thing you do for your skin. Everything you put on your skin after exfoliation will absorb better and be more effective. Manual exfoliation is controllable by you and simple home items can create the best experience. Salt and/or sugar along with olive oil can not only exfoliate you skin; it can add to the softness with the olive oil. Do not forget your elbows and heals. Nothing worse than a Fabulous pair of shoes with an open back and crusty heels.

     Are you keeping up with your Botox??? 3 months is all it is supposed to last, so do not be surprised and spend the money on this basic. Botox is a gateway drug for the Fabulous stuff, dermal fillers. Are you tired of constantly paying for your dermal fillers??? I know I was. I got credit card fatigue and needle fatigue. I did my research and found a Fabulous filler call ArteFill and now enjoy the longevity of the filler that I never had with the temporary filler I once used. Now I do not have to chase my cheeks all over town. Now that I use ArteFill my cheeks have stayed in place for years. Fabulous and natural what a combination. For me a liquid facelift using ArteFill gave me the freedom to look Fabulous without scares. The procedure was simple, with no bruising or swelling. Let me know if you have any questions ???

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