Treadwell’s Travels: Destination The Patio, Vero Beach Florida


I have been going to The Patio since 1993, through closings and multiple owners. So far, nothing has achieved the original including my most recent visit. It was a Wednesday night in Vero Beach, Florida, and where do people go for entertainment? The Patio and Open Mic. I sat at the bar in an ideal seat for a view of the entertainment and I use the word entertainment with poetic license. The band supported all that came up to the mic to share their talents. It is a fun night both listening to the talented and the not so talented. I swear I could hear my cat Halston howling only a couple of miles away.

The gentleman behind the bar was nice with a pleasant smile, although not engaging. He did pour a full glass and for that I was appreciative. After listening to a couple of people singing while having my first relaxation drink, I ordered appetizers. The Tempura Fried Asparagus was Fabulous except for the woody ends of the asparagus stems, that should have been be cut off and discarded. The Mussels were plentiful in the bowl and after I took the first bite I knew why, they wanted to get rid of the Mussels as they were obviously far less than fresh. These Mussels had not felt the water in weeks and should not have been served. In fact many of them had not opened after steaming, a sure sign they were bad.

When they cleared the dishes, no one asked why I did not finish my order of Mussels. This must be common place that no one wants to know. A credit to the tab should have been issued but no suggestion of that, just ignoring the issue of the obvious.

The last thing I ordered was Baked Brie, one of my favorites to finish off a meal. This presentation was not made in house and should have been left at the wholesaler. A small portion of brie was encapsulated in flaky pastry and baked to golden brown. Sliced apples were served to compliment the cheese, however the apples and cheese were not enough to save this dish. The entire presentation was lavishly drizzled with a store bought (Kraft-?) caramel sauce, of sickening sweetness.

In conclusion: Do no go for the food, and do not go for the entertainment, unless you like to witness a collection of mature hipsters in their costumes of youth. The only reason to go, would be for a good drink of generous pour.

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