Treadwell’s Travels, Destination: Vero Beach and The Kilted Mermaid


The Kilted Mermaid is a favorite stop when in Vero Beach, Florida. The location on Old Dixie Highway has been several of my favorite spots especially when it was Cafe Mojo, a Fabulous coffee shop. This particular night was ‘DragO’ (Drag Bingo) featuring Kelli Rendell whom was not only pulling the numbers (bingo), but also doing her Fabulous Drag show in between bingo rounds. I knew it was a popular venue, so I wanted to get there early enough to claim my ‘real estate’ at the bar, in order to have the best view of the stage. Upon arrival, I was surprised that it was packed over an hour prior to show time. Finding the perfect seat at the bar and settling in, Kilted Mermaid owner Linda Moore, came over to welcome me back. What a Fabulous memory, as I had not been there for nearly 2 years. The ability to quickly recognize and welcome previous customers from several years back? Now that’s how to build a business! Fabulous service indeed.

I decided to try the Cheese Fondue and was not disappointed. Creamy cheese with pesto drizzled over the top with crispy bread and veggies for dipping. What a treat to have fondue in a bar setting made it even more Fabulous. Still feeling like I wanted to experience more, I ordered a Chicken Enchilada in Puff Pastry. I was glad I tried this crispy, delicious, updated presentation of a classic enchilada. Bountiful chicken in a creamy sauce encased in flakey puff pastry.

For dessert, I could not turn down the opportunity to try Peanut Butter and Chocolate Fondue. The creamy decadent sauce with a lavish assortment of dipping goodies was Fabulous. The Kilted Mermaid offers one of the best beer and wine selections of any of my travels thus far. During this visit, I tried a Double IPA, that was bitter enough and strong enough to cut through the richness of the food selections.

The Kilted Mermaid is already at the top of my list to visit again, on future trips to Vero Beach.


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