The Goose has a rival, and it’s not Grey

For full discloser, I am a Grey Goose Vodka fan and Grey Goose on the rocks and (my local bartenders please take note) with no fruit, is my go-to drink. Grey Goose was invented in 1996 by Sidney Frank who sold it to Bacardi in 2004. The Mitre de Chai Grey Goose is Francois Thibault, who developed the original recipe for Vodka in Cognac France. The premium version of Grey Goose has a touch of young cognac for a hint of excellence. I am sure my signature drink will remain Grey Goose on the rocks although I have found some competition.

While walking through my local grocery store, I spot a Vodka that I had not seen before. NUE Vodka bottled in Dallas Texas and made from grain. Always willing to try something new to get me out of my comfort zone, and this was no exception. I thought if it was not suitable for an ‘on the rocks’ pour, it could be used as a mixer at our next party. I was pleasantly surprise that it’s 6x times filtration created a Fabulous Vodka. Grey professes to need only 1 filtration because, as they say, if you use the best ingredients you do not have to filter more than once. Also pleasantly surprised by the cost of NUE Vodka being more competitively priced than Grey Goose.

I will do a blind taste test at some point and see if I can tell the difference, as I believe I can with other Vodkas, even if it is premium.

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