Let’s Get Cheesy

As a self professed cheese snob, and always presenting cheese boards for guest during Fabulous gatherings, I am always looking for a new find. Walking through my local grocery store, not a cheese monger in site, I spot a cheese I had not seen before. English Farmhouse Extra mature Cheddar by Somerset Farm in Somerset England.

I could not resist with the excitement of a new cheese; I had to try it the night I brought it home and it did not disappoint. I lean toward firm cheese with the creamy rich cheese as a compliment to the board rather than the main presentation.

The cheese was dry and firm because of the aging and that I like very much as I believe it concentrates the flavor intensity. I like a firm, crumbly texture for mouth feel combined with intense flavor, this is a perfect pairing for a rich, California Cabernet, and we will talk about that in another blog. The cheese is wrapped in traditional cheese paper making it appear that the selection was made in it’s home country. If you do not have cheese paper to store your cheese leftovers, purchase some and you will end your cheese mold problems that you have with plastic wrap. If you have not tried cheese as your “dessert”, give it a try

Cheese is the perfect end to a perfect meal without spike and down of a sugary offering and has more protein. Do not wait for guest to create a Fabulous cheese board.

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