Kinky Boots – Don’t You Want a Pair???


On a recent trip to New York, a Broadway show was in order. I travel every week and scheduling down time is important for me for balance in my life. Kinky Boots had won awards and was a show I wanted to see so the day became available and a phone call later the tickets were waiting at “will call”.

I am glad I took this break and I am glad I choose Kinky Boots. I understand why this Fabulous play has won awards. The message that we are OK just the way we are was beautifully delivered in song and dance. This message is my message to myself daily although as with many, this message was a challenge to remember this day. Watching this Fabulous show brought laughter and tears. This is a must see for everyone. Not only was the show a traditional musical with song delivering the message, those delivering the message were less traditional. Fabulous Drag Queens sang and danced to perfection and in heels. Just go see it and let me know what you think

Kinky Boots were available for purchase and delivery in your size for $1500. They are Fabulous although I do not wear heels and it was a temptation for memories. I choose instead the poster signed by the entire cast and waited with anticipation to return home to have framed by Barry at LightHouse Framing in Vero Beach, FL. I have all my framing done by Barry with success although this time he out did himself. The framing is Fabulous and perfectly suits the poster. Gaudy and overdone, two things I think are Fabulous.

Go see Kinky Boots and buy a poster and have it framed by Barry. You will have no regrets and receive a message of acceptance and a piece of art that surpasses everything you currently have.


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