Cleanse and tone skin. Do not moisturize. Wait two hours to allow skin to return to a normal state. Place six strips of tape on the following:

  1. Apply a strip of tape vertically from the scalp line to the bridge of the nose (in between the brows).
  2. Apply a strip of tape on the outside corner of each eye (where the crow’s feet would be).
  3. Apply a strip of tape across both cheeks, on the apple.
  4. Apply a strip of tape above the upper lip (like a moustache).

Press strips on skin. Remove tape, one at a time, and reveal skin agers:

Crinkly areas resembling thin line, such as roads on a road map, indicate dehydrated skin-skin lacking moisture. Lines are good indicators of where your skin will wrinkle if not moisturized.

Flakes on tape indicate dry, dead skin cells. This is due to not properly removing cleansing and/or makeup products as well as not exfoliating the skin on a regular basis. Start exfoliating.

Lines are an indication of deduction of collagen and elastin in skin cells. As we age, we produce less collagen and elastin. Add exfoliating to your skin care regime as well as anti-aging and/or skin firming products.

Vertical lip lines are caused from sun damage, smoking and/or pursing. Put an application of your eye cream over the top of the lip area, twice a day.

“X” marks the spot. To determine if your skin is sensitive, use a thumbnail, and gently make a light X between your eyebrows. If the skin redness remains for a while, your skin is sensitive.

Did You Know?

Our lifestyle affects longevity. Live with the dirt of a major city and add five years to your age. If crash dieting is your pattern, add ten years. Tan, either by nature or machine, you can add twenty years. Smoke easily adds more than twenty years.


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