2014 Oscars Who Wore it Best???



Lupita Nyuong’o looked like a prom queen in baby blue Prada. The
custom made head band had as much use as a jock strap for Chaz Bono.
Her past looks in tailored elegance were Fabulous and this one so close.

Jennifer Lawrence dressed safe in a red Peplum Dior Couture. She
looked pretty not Fabulous, at least when she is not falling, in a gown that
was mature past her years.

Amy Adams was dark and lovely in Gucci. Not the best color for the red
carpet and not Fabulous, just lovely.

Sandra Bullock looked dark and Fabulous in Alexander McQueen. The
dark dress had exquisite detailing of side drape with sweetheart neckline
was age appropriate and Hollywood star appropriate.

Cate Blanchett dressed next door to the event in a hotel and had no
wrinkles in her Armani gown unlike many of the others walking the carpet
looking like someone needed to steam their outfit. Beige is difficult to wear
and she did it the best. A Fabulous gown that had just a little of look what I
did in craft class or in her case, next door in the hotel.

Lady GaGa channeling Donnatella in this Fabulous Versace gown was
truly mama monster. The pink chiffon scarf should be returned to the dollar
store for a refund and take the wig back to wherever it came.

Anne Hathaway looked like she just got off of her Harley. A butch hair cut
and a studded Gucci gown made me look to see if I could spot her
girlfriend. Fabulous??? not so much.

Kerry Washington showed how a baby bump should be displayed. This
baby bump looked Fabulous in lavender Jason Wu.

Charlize Theron wearing minimal make up and no attention to hair wore a
Fabulous diamond necklace. The black Dior was unique to the night. No
one else wore a gown with handles on top of the bodice. It looked like you
could pick her up using Dior handles, who would have thought???

Kate Hudson wanted to ride the wave of dresses with capes. She looked
Fabulous in Atelier Versace although a couple of award shows late.

Julia Roberts must have been worn out in this busy black Givenchy.
Between the tuxedo top and lace insert and peplum, where does one
look??? She has done Fabulous although not this time.

Naomi Watts could not have looked more plain and safe. Puritanical,
white, boring, and not Fabulous, this Calvin Klein should have remained in
the convent.

Penelope Cruz must have been on the way to a Fabulous Toga Party and
looked ready to unwrap in Giamlattista Valli. This cotton candy pink was to
sweet to be Fabulous.

Camila Alves wife of Fabulous actor Matthew McConaughey must have
forgotten half of her coat. When your husband is receiving an oscar why
would you not check and see if you had both sleeves of your blush
Gabriela Cadena???

Meryl Streep was ready to park cars or wait tables in black and white. A
matronly Lanvin was not as Fabulous as her acting.

Kristin Chenoweth looked like a Fabulous oscar statue in Roberto Cavalli.
She is about the same height and the dress was the same color of thestatue and she resembled the statue a little to closely.

Anna Kendrick could not have looked worse if she tried. The shoes were
wrong, the hem was wrong, the little red dots were wrong, and the top of
the J. Mendel was ugly and one of the worse dresses of the evening. She
needs a Fabulous makeover from hair to toe.

Emma Watson won for most boring dress on the red carpet. Silver and
Black Vera Wang was wong not Fabulous.

Liza Minnelli in an old blue Halston that should have been buried with
Halston when he died look over medicated and under Fabulous.

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