Month: February 2014

The Papillon Pavilion by Shigeru Ban

papillon-pavilion-2006.jpg w=497

Japanese architecture Shigeru Ban is known for building constructions from materials not expected to withstand more than a temporary lifespan however his creations have proven otherwise. For the “Icons” exhibition  Ban has created a pavillion constructed of paper tubes and covered the with Monogram canvas as an allusion to the Louis Vuitton bag known as the Papillon.

A Pilot, A Volcano, The Wardobe



“The son of a French aeronautical engineer who emigrated to the United States, James Turrell has an unfailing passion for the airplane built by his father. Today, Turrell flies the plane, which is called the Harlow, himself. As its pilot he conquered the American West by air, hunting out a site on which to establish his studio. In 1974 he took residence in an extinct volcano-the Roden Crater-which was about to house a very different form of activity.

Having focusd his work on the study of light, Turrell envisioned a remarkable traveling trunk. When it opened, it emits a brilliant beam of 3-D llight, which reacts to the surrounding radiance and which the spectator, having unfolded the Wardrobe’s built-in seat, can observe at his leisure.”

-From “Louis Vuitton ‘Icons'” by Stephane Gerschel